So you’ve given up on Instagram

Sick of the superficial, staged Instagram photos?

I hear you. Really I do. There are a lot of people posting things that may as well be magazine ads. Glossy, photoshopped locations and people perpetually holding cocktails or new handbags with pristine compositions that make you feel like your life is dark, outdated and dismal.

Don’t give up just yet. Because I have a trick for you. It’s all about how you shape YOUR feed and what YOU choose to post.

Yes, the sponsored ads are annoying. Yes, the story feature belongs on snapchat. But take that out of it for a second. What is social media really?

It’s a way to connect to people anywhere in the world. It’s a chance to keep in touch with the people you don’t get to see very often.

My feed is full of friends, people I find inspiring, artists, designers and companies that make products I actually believe in.

If you’re like me and want to appreciate your instagram feed instead of feel depressed and disillusioned by it, here are some accounts you might want to follow.

Follow if you want to be a yogi (or are already)


Kino regularly posts and always reminds you why you love yoga. Her posts are light-filled, truthful and sometimes visually spectacular. Often paired with insightful and inspiring captions.

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Follow if you’re into design


Design milk and (@designmilkeveryday) showcases some amazing design inspiration ¬†from all types of sources. Buildings right through to clothing. It’s all cool.

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Follow to fill your feed with art


Judyroller is an Australian street art agency that represents and posts works from some seriously talented artists. It will lead you down a rabbit-hole of new and wonderful artists to discover.

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Follow to remind you to eat your veggies and play in the dirt


Organic gardening…veganism…wholefoods…. it’s all here. You don’t have to be vegan to look at these wonderful, colourful pics of fruit and veggies and decide you want some.

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Follow for fitness motivation


It’s a real crime in my opinion that this magazine isn’t more widely and regularly available in Australia. The guys version is everywhere but there’s still more female fitness magazines that have multiple pages on activewear and skincare than fitness routines and information. This is not one of the former.

That should be enough to get you on your way to a great Instagram feed that adds to your life during idle moments, rather than making you feel like giving up on life. Instagram will start recommending other related posts and accounts that you may like based on these which will lead to more and more discoveries!

Be sure to unfollow anyone you feel is detracting from your well-crafted vibe and on occasion do a clean out.

Happy gramming!

With love and pretty pictures,

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