Sarah makes a night to Unplug

No couch time. Crazy right? Time to unplug.

Have you ever felt like you’ve lost track of time sitting on the couch watching the screen. Like you’ve woken up and wonder “what am I doing? I don’t even like this show”

This is me way too often. Sure I could blame Melbournes cold winter and how hard it is to move when I have a nice warm blanket on my very comfortable couch. But really I need to own up to this bad habit – it’s doing me no favours.

I’m feeling lazy, sluggish and tense. I owe it to myself to change it up. The answer might be to unplug the laptop and disconnect the bluetooth headphones. The fitbit is staying on though. That’s where I draw the line.

It’s finally time to bite the bullet and switch off Netflix.

However, as I said this is a habit now and I don’t think cold turkey is the way to beat a bad habit. So here’s how I’m tackling my cold weather laziness.

1. Continue filling out my training diary for the week ahead every monday

An important step would be to make sure my exercise is properly scheduled for the week in my training diary. Moving is the perfect solution to my sloth-like behaviour right?

2. Monday nights are no tv and no netflix nights

Monday nights unplugged! Tech should only be used to talk to other people on monday nights. GoT isn’t coming back until next year *tear* so I feel safe picking monday as my first victim.

3. Set an unplugged event in my phone calendar for monday nights

So easy to forget these things. Using tech to defeat tech? Genius.

4. On nights when I’m at home for the night, I’ll have a 20 – 30 min wind down when I get in the door.

My unfortunate default behaviour when I get home from work is to plonk myself on the couch with food or a cup of tea or raid the pantry. No more! I will instead, go up to my room and for 20 – 30 mins I will do something mindful to relax. This could be stretching, meditation, colouring, writing or even just tidying up my room a little. I’ll even accept staring at the ceiling. The point is that it will give me time to realise what I really want to do with my night – chances are it wont be anything to do with a screen.

The plan is to extend this monday rule out to another day or 2 of the week, which should give me some much needed balance and get me up off that couch.

Wish me luck!

Go make some good choices xoxo Sarah


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